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The Long Awaited Child Has Come

Luke 2: 25-35 I was not much into babies.  The only baby in my boyhood was my little sister who showed up to spoil my sole claim on my parents.   Later on I would see moms with babies but have little interest in them.  Until my wife and I got married and started thinking, well more than thinking about babies […]

What about this Child to come?

Matthew 1:18-25 Moses was tending some sheep near a mountain named Horeb.  A certain bush caught his attention.  It was on fire but it did not burn.  Moses decided to investigate this strange sight.  When he got closer, a voice called to him from within the bush.  It called him by name.  Then the Lord told him this.  Take off […]

The Lord is Coming … Prepare the way

Matthew 3: 1-12 Petaluma is not known for having the best roads.   Some of the potholes are so deep you can see light at the bottom of them.  Well not quite.  But there are some deep ones you need to avoid. Well just imagine some big golf tournament decided to come to Petaluma , like the US Open.   You can […]

Reading’s for next Sunday (12/5/10)

Daniel 4: 19-37 Acts 3: 19-26 Matthew 3: 1-12 Psalm 14

You Must be Ready for Jesus’ Coming

Luke 24: 37-44 More than once I remember.  I came home from a trip late at night.  I had been away a few days.    Karen was asleep.  I came in quiet so I wouldn’t disturb her.  Then the next morning I heard.  I was trying to stay awake for you, but I fell asleep.  She missed my coming in.  No […]