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Heart Re-Education

Matthew 6: 24-34 I was reading through a medical bill that came from my insurance company.  Down towards the bottom there was a charge for me receiving what was called Neuromuscular re-education.  What on earth is that?  Did my physical therapist really do that?  Maybe he should have asked me first.  I’m not so sure I wanted my neuros to […]

Love Takes Time

1John 3:1 Lavish.  What comes to mind?  Maybe a scene from someone’s Valentine’s Day.  She comes home from work.  There are some roses and a card.  Nice.  We’re going out to dinner he says, so she gets ready.  But then a limousine drives up.  We’re going some  place special. Lavish, wouldn’t you say? Yet Valentine’s Day can’t take the place […]

Men’s Retreat Details Announced!

No. Calif. & Nevada WELS – Brothers in Christ – 12th Annual Men’s Retreat March 11-13, 2011 – Koinonia Conference Grounds – Watsonville, California Map to Koinonia | Open and print the brochure for more details Embracing and Engaging Multicultural Ministry Pastor Lynn Wiedmann, Study Leader Through an outsider’s eyes. Concern for communicating. That all peoples of the earth may know Him. Enjoy fellowship with our WELS […]

The Long Awaited Child Has Come

Luke 2: 25-35 I was not much into babies.  The only baby in my boyhood was my little sister who showed up to spoil my sole claim on my parents.   Later on I would see moms with babies but have little interest in them.  Until my wife and I got married and started thinking, well more than thinking about babies […]

What about this Child to come?

Matthew 1:18-25 Moses was tending some sheep near a mountain named Horeb.  A certain bush caught his attention.  It was on fire but it did not burn.  Moses decided to investigate this strange sight.  When he got closer, a voice called to him from within the bush.  It called him by name.  Then the Lord told him this.  Take off […]